Inselman Plumbing & Excavating is trained and equipped to tackle excavating services like sewer and water lines, as well as residential and commercial plumbing lines. 


Expert Excavating Service in the Treasure Valley

Our expert excavation services include repairing and replacing water and sewer lines and drainage systems. Every excavation project requires a careful understanding of the goals and expectations of both contractor and homeowner. 

Water Lines

The technicians at Inselman Plumbing & Excavating can repair, reline, or replace water lines quickly and efficiently. Situations in which this may be necessary include:

  • Blockages that restrict water flow
  • Collapses or cracks in pipes
  • Roots growing into water or sewer lines
  • Corrosion that compromises the piping system

Idaho water systems must be buried deeper underground to protect them from our cold winter temperatures. Heavy duty machinery (including mini excavators and backhoes) can be necessary to complete water line repair or installation projects.


If your current drainage system has sustained damage or just suffered wear and tear throughout the years, Inselman Plumbing & Excavating can repair your system to function practically good as new. A quality drainage system will protect your property even from heavy rain. When functioning correctly, a drainage system ensures that excess water is safely moved away from the lowest locations on your property. 

Drainage system installation and repair is best left to the professionals. Call Inselman Plumbing & Excavating today to discuss your next excavation project.


Inselman Plumbing & Excavating has all of the necessary expertise and equipment to tackle your plumbing and excavation projects, including:

  • Water lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Drainage systems

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